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Blaxland Riverside Park: Water Play Area

by SupahAnnie (follow)
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Blaxland Riverside Park is located within Sydney Olympic Park. Covering almost four hectares - it has modern, funky kids play equipment like slides down the sides of mountains, together with two massive flying foxes, tunnels, BBQ areas, rock climbing. Additionally there is are an abundance of swings and things to climb, together with a kiosk and a gorgeous Cafe overlooking the Parramatta River.

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Image: www.seanasmiths.com

This park would have to be the most out there and amazing park I have ever seen, but recently it got even better. The most popular section of the park would have to be the new water play area. It sits within a type of dome, and is filled with jets and water fountains. The water is pumped out within a particular sequence, starting small and gradually increasing in size and amount.

Park, kids, fun, water, play, flying fox, climbing, sandpit, family, BBQ
Get wet and have fun for free

Children stand there barefooted and wearing their swimmers in absolute amazement, wondering where the water will come sprouting out of next. They run around with huge smiles on their faces, giggling and screaming in delight. They're also touching the jets with their hands and feet, and sometimes even their bottoms. My son felt like he was controlling it all when he would step on a jet, and the water would be trapped. He kept yelling, "look at this, look what I can do." Some of the older kids were using the sides of the dome to slide down into the water area. Others were sitting on the jets waiting anxiously for them to come on, and when they did - they were thrown up into the air by the rush of water. Huge fun for the kid on the jet, not so great for these around them. Hilarious for parents, grandparents and carers sitting under the large umbrella covered seating areas beside the water play area.

Splash, water, fun, kids, family, friends, play, park, free
A cool way for kids to get wet in Sydney

The sequence and coordination of the water fountains is well thought out and organised to perfection. I noticed that some of the older children even began to memorise what was going to come to life next in the sequence - in proving that the sequence repeats itself over and over. Whomever designed this water play area has really found a way for children of all different ages to be included, and for all kids to have fun regardless of age or ability. This is no easy task, and I commend them for it. This is done by starting the whole sequence off with small sprouts of water from a certain amount of jets, that then gradually ascends until the water fountains are above adult heads. It is so well done, and as well as being fun - the kids are actually learning a lot from it.

Fun, play, water, park, family, friends, BBQ, kids, sand pit, recreation, weekend, free
Image: dailytelegraph.com.au

The under twos are able to sit up near a jet at the beginning of the water fountain sequences, as little fountains start to appear almost like magic. The pre-school aged children love the next bit, as the water sprouts increase in size and volume. The school aged children love how the high water fountains are now making water tunnels that they can actually run through and watch towering over their heads. Be careful at this point. It is best to move the under twos well away, and stay close to the preschoolers as the water becomes so forceful - to the point where my toddler got a shock and came running to us saying, "too much water now." He was right, yet by the time the water started the sequence again - we knew when to pull him out before the really high fountains began. Lesson learned. It's all about each age group having a turn.

Park, kids, fun, water, play, flying fox, climbing, sandpit, family, BBQ
Although your kids are having an abundance of fun, some parental supervision is required.

If you miss your turn, there is no need to worry as the sequence simply stops for a few minutes and then starts all over again. There are plenty of other things to do while you wait. Next to the water play area is quite a large sandpit. This is great fun for the kids also, except no sandpit toys are supplied. One family had brought their own toys - yet this became a bit complicated when every child wanted to use them. I think it would be a great idea for the council to provide some sand toys that are somehow attached to the sandpit, so they cannot be taken home. I guess this could be a safety issue though.

Splash, water, fun, kids, family, friends, play, park, free
Loving the great outdoors

On the other side of the water play area is the tallest cubby house and lookout tower I have ever seen. As you walk up higher and higher, you get to enjoy a lovely view of the entire park and the Parramatta River - where you also get to see the boats and river cats. Both adults and children can go in here.

Park, kids, fun, water, play, flying fox, climbing, sandpit, family, BBQ
Amazing fun all round

This park really can teach children of all ages a lot about water, and how this natural substances uses force, gravity and concepts such as fast and slow, wet and dry, over and under, high and low and about wildlife around water such as ducks and seagulls. Whilst visiting, make sure you take the time to sit and watch the river for a while. You can watch boats and river cats sail along the water. Our son had a great time waving to the a river cat going past.

Park, kids, fun, water, play, flying fox, climbing, sandpit, family, BBQ
Image: sydneyolympicpark.com.au

This park really has it all, and not only that - it is free. You can stay all day and play if you like. You can buy something yummy to eat, or simply bring your own food and drinks. The only problem I could see with it is the heat. Not enough shade is available. There are trees, but they have not grown tall enough yet. However, there are covered areas to sit - but you need to get there early to secure one.

Splash, water, fun, kids, family, friends, play, park, free
Unleash those little climbers within

It's the largest, free outdoor water play area in New South Wales. For some super Sydney Fun, in tandem with some free water play and amazing play equipment, come on down to Blaxland Riverside Park. Bring the family and friends. It is highly recommended that you also bring a picnic, togethr with some swimmers, towels, sunscreen, hat and a pop up sun tent. You're all set for a fabulous and free day out.

Splash, water, fun, kids, family, friends, play, park, free
Splish splash. This water takes a blast.

Rating: 8/10

Where: Jamieson Street, Sydney Olympic Park - Silverwater NSW.
Why: Free water play fun with futuristic and unique massive play areas. These hills have real slides down them.
Cost: Free, and free parking is also included.
When: Open from sunrise till sunset everyday.

Good for kids: Absolutely. With water and sand play, with the biggest & highest cubby houses ever. Love the amazing play equipment.


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