Brand X Creatives Space Chippendale

Brand X Creatives Space Chippendale

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Brand X is one hub full of artistic love. Find yourself in the brand new, popular Central Park at Chippendale. Head up to level 3. Head towards the wall mural. No need to provide your own chalk, as all is provided. If you can recall where the old beer brewery used to be, then you're home and hosed.

There are eight different tasks of creativity available on this already full wall. Insights into how you're feeling, and how much fun you're having in any given moment leaves clues. Brand X is also a great space for artists to get on with their work in an awe inspiring environment. Such a trendy space filled with positive energy.

The first task is free flowing. Draw what comes to mind. The challenge will be in finding a suitable space to let your ideas flow. Just run with it.

To do lists are normally quite boring and overwhelming right? Not this one. Find a sheet of black paper, and peg up your main priority for the world to see. Don't write anything passe such as "Ring John," but instead write down something great. Something life enhancing such as "smile more" or whatever resonates with you.

Sydney siders, don't you agree that we live in an amazing city? If you tended to not agree with this statement, Sydney Fun would not have resonated with you in the first place. What is great about our city? Write it down.

Questions such as what did you want to do at the age of five are also asked. Some said they wanted to be a baker, while someone else said a Paleontologist. An Astronaut would be right up on this list too.

A fun theme on forgiveness comes up in another task as the wall (or well) of creativity progresses. Have fun writing your favourite word. Despite a few negatives reaching this list, it was refreshing to see love appear, and yes all encompassing. Who are you fighting? If it is that little voice inside your head, write it down.

If you want to learn photography, here is another cool space to do it. Head to an art exhibition. Do anything. Have fun and eat downstairs. That is Brand X - formerly Queen Street Studio, brought to you by Fraser Property and Sekisui House. Be nostalgic and creatively combined.

Rating: 7/10

Where: Level 3, Central Park, 28 Broadway Chippendale.
Why: Have fun on the wall of creativity.
Cost: Free. Free. Free. There is a cost to rent out any of the workspaces, otherwise free.
When: Monday to Saturday 9am to 8pm / Sunday 10am to 8pm.

Good for kids: Leave this one alone for the big kids please.



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