Harbourside Darling Harbour

Harbourside Darling Harbour

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A lovely rhino sculpture at Harbourside, just off the Pyrmont Bridge. Taken on the 27th of April 2014.

It appeared to be a decision well made back in 1988 - Australia's Bicentenary to convert Darling Harbour into a tourist and leisure destination. Wow, this has paid massive dividends. Darling Harbour is a mecca for locals and visitors to Sydney to have an abundance of fun respectively. Shop, eat and play indeed. It appears that Darling Harbour has you covered, and with the Harbourside Shopping Centre - that accolade is true to form.

That popular liquor store

Every Sydney sider knows that Harbourside is right opposite its neighbour, Cockle Bay Wharf - of which claimed its prominent locale thanks to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. That glass structure, ever so familiar. This shopping centre even has it's own monorail station, until the monorail ceased service on the 30 June 2013. In between lies the iconic Pyrmont Bridge.

Shoes paradise unexpectedly

Harbourside comprises of three levels of sheer fun. On the top level, you will find (I think, don't count me on this) some laster skirmish establishment, however, I've definitely been ten-pin bowling up here a fair few times. Naturally busy on a Saturday night, yet well picked for superbness.

Free entertainment will also spring up on you, when you least expect it to.

The second floor (enter as you turn down the Pyrmont Bridge) is where all the shopping action happens, among a few lively and popular restaurants. As Sydney Fun is not a food site, the focus is on the more leisurely, fun stuff. Then again, that liquor store always piques people's interest - especially with their iconic window displays, plus there are a few ATM's interspersed with the rest rooms nearby.

A great find at Giordano so unexpected

Furthermore, who would have thought the time would come where we'd have to pay for our own oxygen. Then again, the marketers of today have done a stellar job of selling bottled water to us - to the likes of "selling ice to the eskimos." If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to breathe in lavender oxygen - at the Oxygen bar here, your chance has come. Further on down the same level, you can get manicures and pedicures, and if you prefer to be pampered or treated naturally (thank you TCM) - then you're in luck too.

Mugs at Typo

Interestingly, I've captured a Giordano store here selling "I love Sydney" t-shirts, similar to the likes of nearby souvenir stores and similar. Wow, ever so intriguing and interesting. Who would have thought that Darling Harbour would be an awesome locale to buy clothes and shoes at.

A new cinema to. 9D apparently.

It's all great. Also love the Typo store on the ground floor, and there are more places to buy clothes and to get your nails done (should you choose) despite being more food outlets than anything else. All buzzing and busy. You can buy fragrances at this busy area, and there are coin operated rides for the littles ones to enjoy too. All happening at this hub that's called Darling Harbour - previously and always.

For the kids

Rating: 8/10

Where: 2-10 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour NSW.
Why: A revival, as well as a cool place to play, shop and eat - none other than Sydney's Darling Harbour.
Cost: Depends on you and your budget.
When: 10am to 9pm daily, and also watch out for the fireworks every Saturday night at around 9pm.

Taken from the Pyrmont Bridge, on a wet day.

Good for kids: Yes. Has kids in mind. Buy kids clothes here, and kids can enjoy a couple of coin operated rides. The food court area is designed for families to eat together, and Darling Harbour naturally (and always) puts on cool events for the kids of Sydney.



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