Sydney Ferry Rides

Sydney Ferry Rides

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Something many Sydney residents take for granted, is the fact that we have easy access to ferries. They have been a staple of Sydney Harbour since 1875.

To us, they are just a part of our normal public transport system. Meanwhile, every tourist visiting the city has a ferry ride on their to-do list. Their ending destination is not important, however the ride itself is the goal. What better way to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House than from a ferry gliding past them?

A perfect view

As part of a trip to Taronga Zoo , I decided to take the opportunity and catch the ferry from Circular Quay to Taronga. At only $11.60 for an adult return ticket, it was an experience I can not recommend enough.

Lots of places to sit and watch the boats go by, while youre waiting for yours to arrive.

Circular Quay is arguably the best place to catch a ferry from in Sydney. It is very close to the city, and is a thriving hub with a wide variety of different routes available. Due to its high percentage of tourists, Circular Quay also has many information booths, as well as transport officers on patrol to provide advice if needed. The wharfs are each clearly marked, as are the ticket prices, and the ferry timetables. Even when it is very busy, the Quay is always a friendly, welcoming environment.

These boards are everywhere, letting you know exactly what each ferry is up to.

My trip took approximately fifteen minutes. For me, this was the perfect length of time to briefly relax, take photos, and enjoy the view. To my delight, our ferry passed directly between the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. This invited many great photo opportunities, as well as providing a fun, unique view of our famous landmarks. All of this, without eating up too much of my time.

If you think you would enjoy a longer ride, there is a more scenic route available between the Quay and Taronga that takes approximately forty-five minutes.

Another ferry on its way past the Harbour Bridge

I chose to sit outside, at the very front of the ferry, as it provided by far the best view. From this fantastic position, it felt almost as though I was on my own private boat. I would also recommend the area to anybody worried about potential seasickness. The open air and the breathtaking view more than makes up for a little bit of bobbing around.

The best place to sit. Right at the front, outside in the sun and breeze.

A ride on a Sydney Harbour ferry is a must for anybody looking for something fun, unique, and inexpensive to do in the city. Visit the Sydney Transport website to plan your trip.

Rating: 10/10

Where: Sydney Harbour
Why: A fun, cheap, uniquely Sydney experience.
Cost: $11.60 for an adult return, $5.80 for a concession. Many other options available, all on the Sydney Transport website.
When: Ferries usually start at approximately 6:45am, and the last one for the day is at about 7:25pm.

Good for kids: Definitely.



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