Sydney Running Tours with Sydney In Motion

Sydney Running Tours with Sydney In Motion

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Luck all round. Fund out why on this awesome running tour.

Sydney in Motion all began with some spectacular motivation for a good cause. The couple behind this running tour venture, Amy and Phil have brought and delivered Sydney a really clever concept to challenge yourself, keep fit and see Sydney in half the time. The running tours of Sydney City, hosted by Sydney In Motion enables you to turn things up a few notches, and get yourself in the fast lane - irrespective of your current fitness levels.

Plenty of time to stretch if you wish

A couple of days ago (as at the time of writing this) I was invited to my very own, private running tour with Amy and Phil. The magic of running, history and socialising began at the iconic Town Hall Steps on a wet, Sunday afternoon. Needless to say, the rain held off during this 1.5 hour entourage of cool Sydney sightseeing, learning and running experience all rolled into one.

After an initial jog, and now the running shoes are literally on.

Amy and Phil initially took up running as an awesome from of exercise to help them cope with their demands of their respective jobs over 12 months ago, and from there they went on to compete in their first running events - including the Great Ocean Road Marathon and the Sydney Marathon. The running component met the tour guide side of business about three months ago through their appreciation of going on various tours in the past, having travelled to around 45 countries between them. They're passionate history buffs too.

History coming alive. The textbooks are dead.

The tour is well structured and sensible. I brought a 750ml water bottle with me, and only the essentials of valuables - of which Amy kept in a bum bag for me. Travel light on this tour. There are bubbler and toilet stops along the way, should you need them.

At the meeting point Phil and I

The first half of the tour is all about the historical side, and then the second half is mostly just running and stretching on this 6km course. In saying this, the tours can be customised to suit your requirements and fitness levels. The tour begins with a few jogs intertwined with some cool, history facts that are not simply recited from a textbook. The personalities behind the stories are emphasised, and regardless as to whether or not you're a local or a visitor to Sydney; you will learn so much. Amy and Phil take turns in the talking, and a display book with plastic sleeves encompasses some cool print outs on Sydney's history - on what makes Sydney unique.

Amy and Phil, lovely running tour guides.

The running was amazing. There were small breaks, and time to do plenty of stretches. Amy happens to be the art, stretching and history queen on The Rocks, while Phil is so knowledgeable in everything else - as well as a great mate to jump in the air within Sydney's Hyde Park.

Right near Hyde Park

Prior to attending the tour, there are opportunities to select your preferred running pace, as well as advise Sydney in Motion of any medical conditions and emergency contact details to name...nothing too personal but necessary.

Loving it

Amy and Phil are so fun to hang out and run with. It is impressive where they were able to present and run simultaneously. This is one tough skill. Their law school training (where they first met) would have helped immensely. Maybe or maybe not, yet they both did a fantastic job.

About to jump in the air

I loved this tour so much, and I still feel so fantastic with all of that running. Group shots are also available, and I want to do this all over again. Such an adrenaline rush. Amy and Phil are worthy tour guides. Thank you ever so much.

An interesting piece of art

Special offer for Sydney Fun subscribers and readers: For a limited time, enjoy a discounted price of only $40, with all proceeds going to Cure Cancer Australia. For more information contact (02) 8003 3020.

An interesting fact on the Sydney Harbour Bridge was discovered here

Rating: 10/10

Amy and I with an awesome backdrop. Near the steep part.

Where: Tour starts at the Town Hall Steps, and finishes at Bridge Street near Circular Quay.
Why: Explore and enjoy Sydney with awesome company by running.
Cost: $59 per person.
When: Tours usually run on a Sunday at 9am, although Sydney in Motion do run tours at other dates and times.

Phew, I made it.

Good for kids: Great question. A yes provided they're happy to run for 90 minutes, and take a few stretches and breaks in between.



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