Victorias Basement Queen Victoria Building

Victorias Basement Queen Victoria Building

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When you talk about Victoria's Basement , the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) comes to mind, as well as cheap prices for cooking and kitchen equipment. These concepts are nailed, and Victoria's Basement is easy to find. Why? This shop is located within a basement at the QVB.

You must be in a good mood, as well as in the mood to go shopping here. I first stumbled across Victoria's Basement at around Christmas time a couple of years ago, as I was renovating and decorating my new house at the time. This place was (and still is) a godsend for two reasons. Why?

Firstly, this place gave me a good break from renovating the house. This place also gives us Sydney siders a refuge from shopping elsewhere. We come here with bags of goods already, ready to stock up the pantry (literally) some more.

Secondly, the odd items can be found here. From excellent cutlery and crockery - to a draw to store your utensils, you're (yes) home and hosed here.

It is better to come here without any bags, less stressful that way. The aisles can be quite narrow, and you would not want to break anything for two obvious reasons in particular. It gets busy here, as everyone joins in. Why not? You can buy Wedgwood, Royal Doulton and Royal Albert kitchenware at least 50% cheaper than our top department stores, yet don't fully quote me on this fact as this can sometimes change. In saying this, the goods are really good value for money here.

Yet still a great deal. Also loved the fancy chopsticks, as well as creme brulee tool kits, not to mention some quality cooking equipment full stop. Need a sturdy blow torch? Find it here, and there are cooktops too.

This place is a clear favourite for any foodie, whether you're a fine dining maestro; or you're someone who eats out all the time, and most importantly you love to cook - irrespective as to whether or not MasterChef is your thing.

Foodie heaven when in the mood to shop.

Rating: 9/10

Where: Basement, 455 George Street Sydney NSW.
Why: For the finest cooking and kitchen equipment.
Cost: Affordable and cost effective. Your spend is dependent on you.
When: Avoid peak times (weekends, Thursday nights and Christmas to name) if at all possible. Otherwise during the day (business hours) makes way for a faster and more ideal shopping experience.

Good for kids: Maybe not. It is busy here, and there are many fragile items in sight.



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