Yoga In The Sky at Sydney Tower Eye

Yoga In The Sky at Sydney Tower Eye

Posted 2014-06-18 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Sydney Funs founder and chief editor in the dancers pose on the plyons, and she is definitely not leaning on anything either. She definitely was not touching the steel. A great balance yoga pose to improve strength and flexibility.

Yoga In The Sky , just like that movie with Carrie and Big. It certainly has a ring to it. Little did I know that you can enjoy 45-minutes of hatha yoga right inside Sydney Tower (formerly Centrepoint Tower) while bringing in a hump day on a positive note. An unexpected Google search made me aware that the Merlin Group (of who own Sydney Tower Eye) run yoga classes every Wednesday morning from 7am to 7:45am. Bookings must be made online in advance.

About to get into the spirit of this unique yoga practise

I was thoroughly reading up what was available here, and there was no mention as to whether or not yoga mats are provided. Therefore I sent an e-mail to find out more, and most definitely yoga mats are provided. Although the yoga practise starts at 7am, you need to check in and arrive at 6:45am so that the class can start on time. Entry is via Market Street from 6:30am.

It was magical spending an early weekday morning at Sydney Tower. The last time I enjoyed this privilege was at a winter solstice event a few years ago for an interstate work function at the time. It felt amazing. There was ample time to walk around the tower and admire the views. Those little pink binoculars brought Sydney icons such as the Manly Ferry, as well as Central station to a closer view.

The added perks

It helps if you're an experienced yogi, even though the guidance is exceptional. The only view you have is right ahead - sensational Sydney. That's right, no yoga teacher or other participants in front of you. All in all there were about 15 of us, and there was plenty of room to do your sun salutations and balance postures without worrying about bumping into your neighbour. The teacher (Siobhan) was excellent.

At the time, the weather was sensational. Loved the sun shining on me and into my face. Some much needed Vitamin D - and especially with the flu, as at the time of writing this. It was awesome, something rich and different. You definitely feel prosperous here.

Glorious skyline

Our teacher mentioned to not focus on cars and moving boats in the balance tracks. Finding a focal point on the concrete ground inside this venue was tricky. Normally in yoga studios, you'd easily find a dent or two on the wooden floorboards to focus such dristi on.

The flow was magical, and I was most certainly in the mood for it. The 45-minutes went quickly, yet I really felt happy and nourished afterwards. Even the people at the office and clinic commented on how happy I actually was, despite walking in with the flu. The lying down relaxation and meditation experience at the end did aggravate my cough, causing that awful tickle; therefore I just sat up crossed legged with my eyes closed and meditated that way (like I normally do at home on a daily basis) at the end. Still bliss. A great start to a Wednesday morning, and worth waking up early for.

Breakfast is served

Definitely an awesome workout, and rather refreshing too. There was time to enjoy the views and the Sydney Tower Eye experience (briefly) afterwards, and privately too. It felt weird going to work saying "guess where I've been today? Right up at Sydney Tower already." Odd yet delightful.

Also, breakfast was served. We all got to enjoy a bottle or orange or apple juice, as well as a standard size tub of fruit salad to take away. It took me half the day to enjoy the fruit salad, and I still have half of my orange juice to drink.

Amazing what you can achieve, even with the flu. Thank you so much.

An incredible experience, I highly recommended it. Cannot wait to do it again once the flu has gone away.

Rating: 10/10

Where: Sydney Tower, 100 Market Street Sydney NSW.
Why: For a unique, delightful and wonderful yoga experience on a Wednesday morning at Sydney Tower.
Cost: $25 per person, or $20 if you're a Merlin annual pass holder. You will need to show proof of the latter.
When: Wednesday's: 7am to 7:45am. You need to arrive at Sydney Tower reception at 6:45am. Access is available from 6:30am.

Good for kids: No



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