Dymocks Stationery Superstore Sydney City

Dymocks Stationery Superstore Sydney City

Posted 2014-05-19 by Kerrifollow
If you love Pantone, youll be in heaven with the selection.

There is only one destination that those in need of (or just in love with) good stationery need to go to, and that is the Dymocks Stationery Superstore in the Sydney city centre. Located on George Street right next to its book store counterpart, the enormous store is jam-packed full of pens, notebooks, wrapping paper, ribbons, and even gift ware. Venture in for a browse, and you'll be busy for a while.

Not the usual boring stationery youll find hanging on walls

Just a small selection of the gift wrapping ribbon you can buy

Calling the store a stationery one is a little misleading. It's the 'superstore' in the title that is more accurate. For while the store does hold every kind of stationery item you can imagine, there is so much more as well. Shelves just inside the door practically buckle with all kinds of gifts and homewares. Best selling coffee table books, toys, novelty mugs and games are all on offer, so it's a great place to go shopping for a gift.

Kids will love the toys and games

And if you do decide to buy a gift for someone, you can also get your wrapping paper, a card, and some ribbon from here. And you don't need to worry about it being a tiny selection where you have to settle for the best in a poor lot. This store has more cards, paper and ribbons than many newsagencies I've been in to. Best of all, they range in price from standard to truly luxurious items.

Enough wrapping paper for years worth of gifts

Shelves are laden with beautiful stationery

I was actually quite astounded at the selection of pens that the Dymocks Stationery Superstore had. If, like me, you're indecisive when it comes to small items, it can seem like an impossible decision to make. Much more to my tastes are the floor-to-ceiling shelves stacked with notebooks of every kind. Sleek leather-covered ones are perfect for the business person; but there are a lot of ones which have fun, illustrated covers if you like something a little more colourful and unique. And for the super trendy, they have just about every Pantone item you can imagine.

Its a great place to go shopping for gifts

Some of my favourite gift and stationery brands are here

It sounds strange to say that you can have fun browsing a stationery store, but I can't ever go past without going in. The store is so big, colourful, and well laid out; plus it's full of so many lovely items, that it truly is a pleasure to go shopping in. If you're like me and love stationery that is a little more fun than the usual, or are after something to make you look sleek and professional, I'm sure you'll find it here.

You wont believe the size of the store

Rating: 10/10

Where: 430 George Street, Sydney.
Why: So you never have to settle for boring stationery again.
Cost: Ranges from a couple of dollars upward, depending on what you buy.
When: Open 9:00am - 6:00pm most days

Good for kids: They'll love the toys and games


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