Elouera Beach Cronulla

Elouera Beach Cronulla

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Hard to spell but a joy to be at Elouera Beach.

If you want to avoid the crowds of Cronulla and North Cronulla beaches, your closest option is beautiful Elouera Beach.

Just north of North Cronulla Beach, Elouera is a lovely big expanse of sand where you can always find a bare patch of sand to lie on, and have a refreshing swim in the open beach breaks.

The club house

Elouera is quite well known among the life saving and surfing fraternities, as it has active, high achieving clubs.

This year, the Ohana Surf Life Saving Carnival will be hosted by Elouera Beach. This is a very exciting carnival, and all events are hotly contested.

Kids take part in the school holiday surf awareness clinic

During school holidays, Elouera hosts a popular and successful surf awareness clinic for children. This year marked the 30th year that the program has been running for, and around 250 children took part. Everything is covered in the clinic, including recognising rips; diving under waves; how to paddle a board, and basic first aid. The kids even get to have a ride in the inflatable rescue boat. It’s an excellent program for any youngster, no matter how far they live from the beach, and it’s run by a loyal band of volunteers.

Elouera Beach is patrolled in summer. It is renowned for strong rips, so caution should always be exercised, no matter how experienced you are. There are flags when the life savers are on duty, and as always, that’s where you should swim.

The stretch known as The Wall

At the south of Elouera is what the locals call The Wall, and this is a popular surfing spot.

For surfers, you have a beach break with left and right handers, and in summer you’ll find it is often a bit uneventful. There is normally plenty of room for surfers at Elouera, but remember the rips are strong.

Plenty of room to grab a tan at Elouera

One of the best things about Elouera is that it is not as crowded as nearby North Cronulla or Cronulla Beaches. It’s a little bit further away from public transport and Cronulla Plaza, but there are plenty of places to park your car.

Rating: 8/10

Where: North of Cronulla Beach
Why: Great beach with plenty of space
Cost: Free
When: All year, best enjoyed in summer.

Good for kids: Yes



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