Free Beauty Treatments at Woolworths Town Hall Beauty Bar

Free Beauty Treatments at Woolworths Town Hall Beauty Bar

Posted 2013-03-29 by Justine Crowleyfollow
The chosen sugar daddy colour for a free manicure

Free manicures at a supermarket, are you serious? What is going on? It's true. Woolworths at Sydney's Town Hall have recently undergone some renovations to create a Priceline like look, and have come on board in the higher end beauty market. You can now buy discounted perfumes different to the same type you can buy at department stores such as Myer and David Jones. Also quality make up by the likes of Nude by Nature can now be purchased at a supermarket. Wow. This is great news for Everyday Rewards members, and Sydney residents. Further information on this retailing revolution can be found by clicking here .

The new beauty bar at Woolworths Town Hall

Even better, you can nab yourself a free beauty treatment, usually on a daily between midday to 8pm at the beauty bar. Despite being a writer, surprisingly I have some nails at the moment, and despite this, they did not take long to file with a free manicure. Initially, your nails get filed, and then any excess nail polish is removed. Afterwards, a clear coat is coated on your nails twice to purport that glossy sensation. Their all in one three coat glaze is fantastic. Next stop, a date with my sugar daddy. That was the flavour of this light pink, translucent nail polish to give the clear stuff a break. There was a choice of six different nail polish colours to choose from. Was tossing up between the sugar daddy (as pictured) to the darker Wicked colour, and sugar daddy ruled my finger nails on this occasion. My nails feel lighter and healthier only a couple of hours later. They still do.

Yes to a free manicure

essie is similar (and slightly cheaper in price) to OPI, and is also a brand of nail polish that originally established its name in America. All thanks to Vogue (ex-BAZAAR) editor Edwina McCann, essie is now making a name for itself in fabulous Sydney, and this brand has potential.

My perfectly manicured nails for free

Just had a chat to someone who was using some Chanel nail polish on her shellac nails, and decided to give essie a go recently, and she has found that the essie nail polish lasts an extra two weeks on her fingernails, and this person is also engaged in a line of work where your fingernails tap on the keyboard to excess. Only time will tell.

I love this sugar daddy

Booking are advised, and if you want your nails painted for free in a different colour, then all the girls at the bar ask you to do is pay for the item first, and then a free express manicure is yours.

Rating: 8/10

Where: essie Beauty Bar, Woolworths Town Hall.
Cost: Free
When: Daily (usually) from midday to 8pm. Bookings are advised. For the free manicure, depending on your nails, the treatment only takes around 5-10 minutes.

Good for kids: Not really.



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