Odeon Cinema Hornsby

Odeon Cinema Hornsby

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The Odeon Cinema in Hornsby is among the best value movie theatres Sydney has to offer. It is a perfect blend of quality and nostalgia that makes going to the movies a truly unique experience.

Even the outside gives off nostalgia in waves

An outing to the movies in Sydney is rarely a cheap endeavoUr. One expects to pay at least $15 for a 3D film, and sometimes just as much again for food and drinks. During my visit to the Odeon today; I paid $23 for a ticket to a 3D show, and included in this price was a small popcorn, small drink, and a choc top. This is not a concession, or a special deal. It is simply a normal pricing package.

The tickets are basic, but cheap.

The theatre also plays popular older films such as Forrest Gump and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This is a great opportunity to relive a movie going experience from your past, or to see a classic film you’ve never seen in the way it was originally intended. Tickets to these shows are only $9 for an adult.

It could be expected that, at such good value, the quality of the theatres themselves would be much lower than that of a larger branch. Surprisingly, the Odeon boasts comfortable seating, air conditioning, and a large theatre with a well sized screen and good quality sound. Even the 3D effects look great. If you are used to X-Treme screen or IMAX you will, of course, be disappointed; but in comparison to other normal theatres the Odeon does not at all fall short.

The old style ticketing booth

Though the snacks are comparatively cheap, they also do not skimp on quality. The popcorn and drinks are indistinguishable from those at a regular theatre, except of course for the fact that they are several dollars cheaper. They also come in cute, nostalgic containers that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

The popcorn buckets are cute and bright

Another aspect of the Odeon that I found particularly enjoyable was the atmosphere - especially in the main foyer. Built in 1914, the theatre maintains much of its historic charm. The walls are adorned with black and white posters of classic film stars, and the classic snack bar looks as though it has jumped right out of the 1950s. The staff are very friendly, and the whole area has a great nostalgic, relaxed atmosphere.

Audrey Hepburn keeps watch over the popcorn machine

The Odeon is a fun, well priced movie experience that I would highly recommend. I know that, as a film buff without a huge amount of money to spend, it has become a staple of my own entertainment life.

Rating: 10/10

Where: 155 Pacific Highway, Hornsby. A two minute walk from Hornsby train station.
Why: It is a good quality, cheap movie going experience.
Cost: $23 for an adult combo with 3D movie ticket, small popcorn and drink, and choc top. $21 for concession.
When: There are four shows daily, and times are listed on the Odeon's website.

Good for kids: Definitely, yes.



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