The Galeries Victoria

The Galeries Victoria

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is a serene and civilised shopping experience. Leave the craziness of Town Hall Station on a weekend (as opposed to a weekday - still busy), and you've found yourself a reasonably quiet dig to hang out.

If you're feeling a little peckish at first glance, it's all awesome - you're catered for. With a popular sushi joint, as well as a tea bar, Breadtop and a fro-yo bar to name; you cannot complain about being hungry.

The food court area is trendy, restaurant style with a great variety of Asian cuisine tucker - in addition to Oporto. If you're on a juice revolution, Top Juice is a particularly great juice bar here, as well as Boost Juice nearby. You come here for the shopping, as well as to keep fit.

JB Hi Fi is the crowd pleasure. This is home to some of the cheapest DVD's, computer and music accessories you can buy in Sydney City. A good place to buy an iPod, and even a laptop computer furthermore.

Head upstairs - it is nicer to take the stairs up, and some trendy clothes await. You've also got The Body Shop leading out into Pitt Street, and Kookai leading out to George Street. If you're the type who loves a Paul Frank t-shirt, then this is your mecca for clothes shopping for anything that goes with jeans.

There is still signage directing you to the Monorail station, yet as of the 30 June 2013 the Sydney Monorail was no longer. That signage should be changed so people do not get confused.

Heading further up, Freedom Furniture is here, and it is one fantastic place to buy homewares in the city. You can easily fall into a trance-like state, and buy a few things to up the ante on your home decor, even if it's already spectacular.

Books paradise is none other than Kinokuniya . You can be a selfie (as at the time of writing this) where you're given an opportunity to be artistic. The rationale is to draw a picture of yourself, or anything at all. The best book store for travel guides in Sydney. Head here, and those much needed travel accessories (like a plug for UK standards for example) can also be found.

I am currently a casual visitor at their Fitness First gym. Love coming here (when every opportunity is available) to attend Body Attack and Body Balance on Friday's from 12:15pm.

Heading to the bar? Of course, The Arthouse welcomes you.

Rating: 7/10

Where: 500 George Street Sydney NSW.
Why: For quirky clothes, awesome food, The Arthouse, Freedom Furniture, Kinokuniya Books and Fitness First.
Cost: Depends on you, and what you're in the mood for.
When: Gym sessions on Friday, otherwise Sunday is a fairly civilised day to come here.

Good for kids: Not many kid friendly options.



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