5 Reasons To Go Out in Sydney in Winter

5 Reasons To Go Out in Sydney in Winter

Posted 2014-06-22 by Justine Crowleyfollow

Sydney, there are no more excuses to stay at home and hibernate this winter. Put on your warmest winter coat, and out we go. For those who are using the new Opal card on public transport, remember your travels are free after taking eight paid trips in any given week from Monday. Yes, who would have thought that travelling to the city on a Saturday night in winter would ever be free. Score, no pun intended...for later...

1. Ice Skating

We're already freezing our butts off, yet there is something quite amazing about ice skating in winter. Ice skating (without a doubt) is a pretty cool (no pun intended) winter past time for Sydney siders. Going to one of our two major ice rinks (Macquarie or Canterbury) is awesome, yet it just feels so European to ice skate outdoors. Think Cool Yule at Darling Harbour , as well as other ice skating festivals on in Sydney in winter in Bondi and Parramatta.

2. Darling Harbour

One of Sydney's coolest playgrounds. Shopping, food, chocolate, play, fireworks and free entertainment....it's all here. Shake those winter blues on a Saturday night with fireworks at 8:30pm. Hey, there are a couple of awesome chocolatiers whipping up some hot chocolate. Also, those quirky (sometimes but usually funny) street performers come out of hiding too. Of course not to mention Harbourside (shopping) and the kids playground. Catch a movie at IMAX if you want to.

3. Shopping

Easy to be a little big spender, particularly in June when the sales are on. Play your cards right and plan ahead, and only shop for the items you actually need. You can easily save 50% off the essentials, as well as some beauty products. Yours truly spent about $70 on some much needed skin care products recently, and from this purchase received a goody bag with over $340 worth of skin care products as a result. Be smart and savvy with your shopping this winter Sydney.

4. Yoga

Yoga (hot or otherwise) boosts those awesome endorphins, and caters to all fitness levels. You arrive at the gym or studio a bit chilly, and a fair few vinyasa flows (with ease and grace) later will create some much needed heat in your body. Yoga in the Sky at Sydney Tower Eye was a refreshingly different yoga experience recently.

5. Sports

There is nothing more social than catching up with a few of your friends at a local bar and watching the World Cup and/or the State of Origin. As at the time of writing this, the World Cup is on, and there is a free marquee to watch this event for free in a cleverly themed space at World Square Shopping Centre in the city. The perfect excuse to buy yourself your favourite treat elsewhere in the centre, and enjoy right here.

There's your five reasons guys. Here on Sydney Fun, we have given (and will continue to give you, lovely reader) a few more when inspiration strikes. Then again, Vivid Sydney is an awesome way to kick off the winter blues at the start of winter. Even a cruise on a Saturday night at Vivid Sydney time or otherwise is simple, yet amazing. Have fun Sydney.

Rating: 10/10

Where: Various locations. Predominantly Sydney City, with brief mentions of Bondi and Parramatta.
Why: Five cool ways (at least) to come out and have fun in our glorious city this winter.
Cost: Some of these ideas are free, yet others come with a cost. Come with some money (you don't need that much) to have a great day and/or night out away from the home.
When: The spotlight is on Saturday night, yet any day in winter is fine - just go with the flow.

Good for kids: Some kid-friendly options. They will love the ice skating, as well as Darling Harbour more so.



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